With Chat GPT to your dream job: Does it work?

Job application tips

We all know how time-consuming and stressful application processes are. As an applicant, you have to review CVs and cover letters, prepare for interviews and possible questions. Chat GPT can help applicants with this and make the process easier and more efficient. We'll show you how. Read more

A job interview is coming up, and the nervousness is rising. But don't worry - in today's digital era, there are ways and means that can help you prepare. One particularly helpful tool is ChatGPT, an advanced AI model developed by OpenAI. In this article, we'll show you how to use ChatGPT to best… Read more

You made it and received an invitation to a job interview? Congratulations! This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself in person and showcase your skills. To help you appear confident and convincing at this important appointment, we have summarized the most important Dos and Don'ts for you in… Read more

A convincing resume is the be-all and end-all of the job search. It is the first document that potential employers look at to decide whether or not to invite you for an interview. However, young job starters and school graduates in particular often do not know exactly what is important to recruiters… Read more

In times of Instagram, TikTok and Co, presence on social media is taking on a huge role in our society - and not just in the private sphere. Even in a professional context, a person's presence on social media is becoming more and more important. This can provide you with opportunities, but the use… Read more

There are many reasons you might be thinking about a new job. Do you want a higher salary? Do you want a better work culture? Or are you simply looking for a new career challenge for yourself? Whatever the reason, changing jobs can be an exciting and challenging time - but also a very stressful one.… Read more

Do all your friends and acquaintances keep getting messages from recruiters on LinkedIn? But so far, you've been left empty-handed and would really like to know why? Not all LinkedIn profiles are the same. Often nuances decide whether you are interesting for a recruiter - or whether he or she will… Read more

We made it! Five years at the commercial academy, five years of learning, five years of teaching. Have you already thought about what comes after that? We'll show you which doors are now open to you and what your future path could look like. As a graduate of the commercial academy (HAK) you have… Read more