Real Estate

Real Estate: a growing market

Our clients – big players of the real-estate game

As a highly specialized consultancy, we fill various positions in different fields– from entry level to expert & leading positions. Thanks to our numerous interviews with high potential graduates we get to know soon-to-be candidates long before they are in actual search of work. Thus, we know where your future employees currently work at as well as when they consider a change of employment.

This is how we fill positions in an accurate, competent & efficient way.

We keep in touch with:

  • Lease, Expansion & Asset Managers
  • Lawyers & tax consultancies with focus on real-estate
  • Property Managers, Estate agents, assistants
  • Property valuers, construction controllers, calculators
  • Property bookkeepers as well as accountants with experience in the real estate business
  • Facility Managers, civil engineers, construction managers