The labour market and the recruiting world are constantly changing. What's in today will be out tomorrow. That's why it's important to keep up to date with the latest trends on the labour market. We have summarised the most important trends for 2024 in this article - from technological innovations… Read more

With Chat GPT to your dream job: Does it work?

Job application tips

We all know how time-consuming and stressful application processes are. As an applicant, you have to review CVs and cover letters, prepare for interviews and possible questions. Chat GPT can help applicants with this and make the process easier and more efficient. We'll show you how. Read more

An effective onboarding program is an essential component of a company's success. Onboarding not only serves to familiarize employees with work processes and tools, but also plays a central role in the social integration of new colleagues into the team and the company culture. It is therefore… Read more

In order to remain competitive in the dynamic labour market, it is never too early for companies to prepare for the future. While most employers are still thinking about how to integrate Gen Z into the labor market best, we are already one step ahead and talk about the future employees: Generation… Read more

In recent years, the concept of ESG (environmental, social and governance) has gained unprecedented attention in the business world. It encompasses a wide range of practices, from reducing CO2 emissions to promoting diversity in the workplace and transparency in corporate governance. While many… Read more

Is your company repeatedly confronted with staff shortages during unforeseeable commercial demand? A large IT project is to be implemented, but is there anybody in the team who has the necessary expertise to manage a project of this magnitude? Whenever it comes to the short-term and project-related… Read more

Are you looking for your first real full-time job? Then you're probably wondering what salary you can expect and what compensation models are available in Austria. In this blog article, we will give you an overview of the different remuneration models so that you know exactly what you are entitled… Read more

There are many reasons you might be thinking about a new job. Do you want a higher salary? Do you want a better work culture? Or are you simply looking for a new career challenge for yourself? Whatever the reason, changing jobs can be an exciting and challenging time - but also a very stressful one.… Read more

The new ESG job profiles at a glance

Recruiting tips

The new ESG job profiles at a glance

Recruiting tips

The effects of ESG are currently keeping the world of work on its toes. Not only have corporate strategies changed as a result of the regulation, but the job market is also affected, as new job profiles are emerging as a result of the new requirements. In this blog article, we show you the areas in… Read more

Traditional personnel leasing is already a proven model on the labour market, offering companies flexibility and access to specialised expertise. The increasing complexity of projects in sectors such as mechanical and plant engineering, the automotive industry and electronics makes employee leasing… Read more

The world of start-ups is characterised by innovation, flexibility and a dynamic working environment. The search for qualified specialists who not only fit the company professionally but also culturally is a challenge. In this blog article, we look at the special features of the recruitment process… Read more

The current dynamic business world requires flexibility and adaptability, especially when it comes to personnel planning. In this context, labour leasing, also known as personnel or employee leasing, is becoming increasingly important. This form of recruitment is particularly popular in… Read more

The all-in contract in Austria is an employment agreement that promises flexibility, but also brings some controversy with it. In this article, you'll find out everything you need to know about all-in contracts: What they involve, why they are sometimes criticized and what advantages and… Read more

Christmas is just around the corner, New Year's Eve is approaching, contemplation and calm are in the air: The year 2023 is slowly but surely drawing to a close. It's time to pause, reflect and look back on the past year - not only personally, but also professionally. In this article we show you… Read more

It's that time again: the annual staff appraisals are coming up. They are actually a good instrument to exchange ideas with each other in peace and quiet. But many people associate them with tense discussions rather than open and constructive conversations. In this article, we will show you what a… Read more

In today's highly competitive business world, finding staff is a growing challenge for companies - especially when it comes to management positions. This is where we come in. At Schulmeister, we've been successfully helping other companies fill high-level positions for more than two decades now. How… Read more

The ongoing development of artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed various industries in recent years, and the world of finance is no exception. This transformation brings with it both positive and challenging aspects that need to be understood if you want to make the most of the development.… Read more

In a world that is constantly changing, it is crucial for companies to be able to adapt quickly and remain flexible. Traditional management approaches often reach their limits here. In recent years, two models have emerged as particularly relevant: VUCA and BANI. But what exactly do these terms… Read more

In the dynamic world of the real estate market, competition for qualified professionals is more intense than ever. Finding the right talent who not only have the required skills but also in-depth industry knowledge can be a time-consuming challenge. This is where recruitment consultancies with a… Read more

Welcome to a world where artificial intelligence (AI) has already revolutionised numerous industries. From medicine to the automotive industry, AI has caused groundbreaking changes. But what is happening in recruiting? Can we expect AI to turn traditional methods on their head here too? In this… Read more

The search for qualified employees is one of the key challenges facing companies in today's shortage of skilled workers. The selection of the right personnel can make the difference between success and failure, as qualified employees are the backbone of every company. In this context, choosing the… Read more

Your resume, also known as your curriculum vitae (CV), is the critical document for your professional career. It represents your qualifications, experience and personality to potential employers. Thus, a well-designed CV can open doors to exciting career opportunities for you, while a poorly… Read more

At a time when competition for talent is more intense than ever, the recruiting process can become a real challenge. For this reason, more and more companies are choosing to engage a recruitment consultancy to find qualified candidates. Still skeptical about outsourcing your internal search? In our… Read more

The 13th and 14th month salary, also known as "Christmas bonus" and "vacation bonus," are terms that represent much more than just additional financial benefits in Austria. These annual bonuses are an integral part of Austrian work culture and play a crucial role in the lives of employees. In this… Read more

Year after year, Austria attracts people from all over the world who want to live, work or study here. With its breathtaking landscapes, rich cultural traditions and high quality of life, the country undoubtedly offers many attractions for immigrants. But before you pack your bags and head to… Read more

The world of recruiting has changed a lot in recent years. Modern technologies have opened up new ways to find and hire talent. One of the most exciting developments in this field is the use of AI-driven systems like ChatGPT. In this article, we will take a closer look at the "ChatGPT effect" and… Read more

A job interview is coming up, and the nervousness is rising. But don't worry - in today's digital era, there are ways and means that can help you prepare. One particularly helpful tool is ChatGPT, an advanced AI model developed by OpenAI. In this article, we'll show you how to use ChatGPT to best… Read more

The rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) has already revolutionized many aspects of our lives and work environments. In this era of innovation, AI is increasingly being used in various business areas, and one of the most exciting examples of this is ChatGPT - a powerful AI model that… Read more

You made it and received an invitation to a job interview? Congratulations! This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself in person and showcase your skills. To help you appear confident and convincing at this important appointment, we have summarized the most important Dos and Don'ts for you in… Read more

Although it's rarely an easy step, there are situations in life when quitting becomes inevitable. Whether you're unhappy with your current job, have found a new career challenge, or simply feel the need to make a change, the correct procedure for giving notice is crucial. In our article, we show you… Read more

A convincing resume is the be-all and end-all of the job search. It is the first document that potential employers look at to decide whether or not to invite you for an interview. However, young job starters and school graduates in particular often do not know exactly what is important to recruiters… Read more

Are you an international worker looking to start a career in Austria? Or perhaps you're already working in Austria and have noticed some cultural differences that are making your work experience less enjoyable. In either case, it's important to be aware of the Austrian work culture to ensure you… Read more

Vienna - a city of historical charm, cultural diversity and high quality of life. The Austrian capital is known for its magnificent buildings, impressive musical history and excellent food. But Vienna is not only a tourist destination, it is also a great city to live and work in. In this blog… Read more

Retaining employees is more important than ever for employers today. In times of a shortage of skilled workers, it is not easy to replace capable employees quickly and equally. Companies are therefore faced with the challenge of retaining their team. In this article, we'll show you 5 mistakes… Read more

In times of Instagram, TikTok and Co, presence on social media is taking on a huge role in our society - and not just in the private sphere. Even in a professional context, a person's presence on social media is becoming more and more important. This can provide you with opportunities, but the use… Read more

In the application process, it is not always easy for job seekers to find a job or employer that matches not only their professional strengths, but also their personal strengths. That's why we rely on behavioral profile analysis as a tool for an optimal match. Wondering what exactly that is? In this… Read more

Looking for a new job can be very exciting, but frustrating at the same time. Anyone who has ever written a job application knows that. But what bothers applicants the most? In this blog article, we will look at the biggest hurdles and show solutions on how companies can avoid them. Read more

Happy employees are the key to productive, motivated work and long-term service. That's why it's critical for employers today to keep their team happy. But how can this be achieved? What makes people happy at work and what can companies do to trigger this feeling in their employees? In this blog… Read more

The Kununu Score is a key figure that measures the satisfaction of employees in companies. It is calculated by ratings and comments from current and former employees on the Kununu rating platform. But how important is this score for companies in the recruiting process? In this article, we would like… Read more

Are you communicative, do you love working with people and do you enjoy taking on a mediating role? Then the profession of personnel consultant may be just what you are looking for. Recruitment consultants are key players in the field of human resources and play a crucial role in finding and… Read more

Welcome to the Metaverse - the virtual world where recruiting becomes an interactive and exciting experience. Imagine meeting potential candidates in a 3D world, interviewing them in a virtual office or guiding them through a simulation of your working environment. There are no limits in the… Read more

The search for skilled staff and the battle for highly qualified talent will be the biggest challenges in finance in 2022. Plus: The new world of work has now also arrived in the CFO organisation. Are you responsible for recruiting in your company? In this article, we will show you what is… Read more

In today's competitive business environment, finding qualified and talented employees can be a major challenge for companies. Finding the best candidates often requires a lot of time, resources and expertise. For this reason, you should outsource recruiting and count on the support of HR… Read more

Women in technology - a topic that has come more and more into focus in recent years. Because although the technology sector is an important and growing branch of industry, women are still underrepresented in this field. But why is that? Read more

The whole world is currently looking at Chat GPT. As an artificial intelligence, Chat GPT provides information on everything and everyone and finds something to write about almost every topic. We asked ourselves what Chat GPT says about us as a personnel consultancy and whether we meet its… Read more

Looking for the big love or the dream job? The job search and the partner:ing search have more in common than you think. Both can make us nervous, trigger swipe addiction and surprise us. But most importantly, both can enrich lives in unexpected ways and lead to unforgettable connections. So,… Read more

The motives of people why they go to work and why they choose a certain job have changed greatly in recent years. Whereas work used to be seen exclusively as a burden that had to be accepted in order to be able to finance one's life, a significantly different mindset is present in 2023. In this… Read more

Recruiting new employees is an important process for any company as it helps to find and hire the right talent for a job. However, many employers make mistakes in this process. In this article we will show you 10 common mistakes that companies make when recruiting employees and how to avoid them. Read more

Should I change my job?

Work life

Should I change my job?

Work life

Employed by the same company all your life? That hardly ever happens today. Changing jobs is normal - whether after a few years, in your mid-50s or in a completely different industry. The question of whether you should change jobs keeps you up at night and makes you wander around all day lost in… Read more

Are you just starting your professional life or are you looking for a new job? What comes next brings beads of sweat to many people's foreheads: a salary negotiation is coming up. But your worries are unfounded: after all, the interview is your chance to negotiate an appropriate salary and - ideally… Read more

The working world has changed radically in the past two years. A survey conducted jointly by the Controller Institute and Schulmeister Management Consulting at the turn of the year 2021/22 sheds light on how and to what extent the changes have been reflected in the finance departments of domestic… Read more

Job advertisement in the local press and a promotion stand at the career fair with two roll-ups and a backdrop. A recruiting strategy from 2012 might have looked like this or something similar. Ten years later, the world of recruiting has turned around. Newspaper ads? Too much wastage. Career fair?… Read more

Do all your friends and acquaintances keep getting messages from recruiters on LinkedIn? But so far, you've been left empty-handed and would really like to know why? Not all LinkedIn profiles are the same. Often nuances decide whether you are interesting for a recruiter - or whether he or she will… Read more

Retaining employees is a Herculean task. Once the first step has been taken and new colleagues start their dream job, the top priority is to prevent them from leaving: Prevent jumping ship! What sounds banal at first is no longer a matter of course in recent years. Employees have become too… Read more

We made it! Five years at the commercial academy, five years of learning, five years of teaching. Have you already thought about what comes after that? We'll show you which doors are now open to you and what your future path could look like. As a graduate of the commercial academy (HAK) you have… Read more

At a time when protecting the environment and promoting social responsibility are becoming increasingly important for companies, the ESG regulation has taken on a significant role. This regulation, which requires companies to report and improve their sustainability performance, has implications for… Read more