Article by Hanna Reichart


Swipe left for your dream job: 8 things that job hunting and dating have in common

Looking for the big love or the dream job? The job search and the partner:ing search have more in common than you think. Both can make us nervous, trigger swipe addiction and surprise us. But most importantly, both can enrich lives in unexpected ways and lead to unforgettable connections. So, prepare to hone your swipe skills and embark on a wild and fun journey through the world of job matchmaking and dating.


What do dating life and looking for a new job have in common?

1. Profile pictures: Whether you are looking for a job or a partner, it is important that you have an attractive profile picture to be successful. After all, you want to attract the attention of potential partners or employers. 

2. Nervousness: First impressions count. It can make you really nervous to scroll through the profiles and decide which person or job suits you best. 

3. Time-consuming: It can be disheartening to scroll through profiles for hours and not find any matches - whether on a job platform or a dating app. 

4. Surprises: Your admirer surprises you with his their funny way of writing? You get a job offer completely unexpectedly? Be ready for surprises and be open for what comes. 

5. Swipe addiction: Whether it's swiping through dating profiles or browsing job listings, it can be hard to stop once you start. 

6. High expectations: Perfect relationship or dream job?. It's not easy to stay realistic when you're scrolling through all the promising profiles or job ads. Our tip: Dream big and dare to do something. 

7. Competition: Whether it's standing up to other singles or applicants, it's a challenge to stand out when you're surrounded by so much competition. 

8. Reality Check: Image editing programmes, filters and stating false facts. It can be difficult to discern the truth behind profiles or job postings. Trust is good, check is better. Be sure to check it out in person before you commit. 

Conclusion: Take it with humour

In summary, job hunting and dating have a lot more in common than you might think. Both require good self-presentation, can lead to a lot of over-analysis and may require unexpected compromises. However, it is important to note that both also have the potential to enrich our lives in unexpected ways and lead to memorable connections. Whether you are embarking on the search for the perfect career or the perfect partner, it is important to enjoy the process with a positive attitude and a sense of humour. 


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