Labour leasing & recruiting for engineering projects

Arbeitskräfteüberlassung Techniker diskutieren bei Projekt im Engineering Bereich

Labour leasing & recruiting for engineering projects

We specialise in the placement of technical experts for permanent or temporary positions.

In engineering, the daily demands are high and we understand that constant project stress, staff shortages and complex job profiles affect your priorities. At Schulmeister, we recognise that it's not just about finding technical experts. We are not looking for talent, but for customised solutions for your specific situation. We offer you a partnership approach that understands and responds to the realities of your industry.


Recruiting in engineering:
Numerous challanges to overcome

In the world of engineering, our customers face a number of challenges that affect their day-to-day business and have a long-term impact on their success.
These require innovative solutions and a partner who specialises in the search for and placement of first-class engineering talent. Together we can do it!


Constant pressure to complete projects on time and fulfil high customer expectations can lead to stress and overwork. This leaves no time for finding employees.


The lack of qualified engineers and high fluctuation rates in the industry make it difficult to maintain continuity and expertise in the project teams.


The different engineering positions require different skills and specialisations, which makes selecting the right candidates more complex.

Skilled labour shortage

The demand for engineers is high, but so are the qualification and experience requirements, which makes the search for the right talent complicated.

Personnel leasing in the engineering sector: Your advantages at a glance

A team that is employed by us for you and on your behalf. Whether short-term or long- term - we find qualified employees from all backgrounds. Labour leasing offers numerous advantages - especially in the engineering sector.


We have extensive experience and an extensive network to find qualified engineers for temporary projects or permanent positions.


Our services offer quick solutions for unexpected project requirements and staff shortages.


We provide short-term support and at the same time offer the opportunity to integrate qualified engineers into your team on a permanent basis.


Even if a CV is not extensive or up-to-date, we find ways to discover and promote candidates with hidden skills.


We prepare our candidates and clients alike to ensure a smooth hiring process.


Our consultants understand which skillset is required for your position and specifically identify technicians and engineers.

Felix Weselmann, Geschäftsführer Personalüberlassung & Recruiting für technische Positionen bei Schulmeister


We support you in the following specialist areas:

  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Construction and project management
  • Software development
  • Environmental technology
  • Quality control
  • Project management for renewable energies
  • Automation technology
  • Technical support for electronic drawings
  • Development engineering

Everything you need to know about labour leasing

If you are looking for qualified specialists or are interested in our temporary staffing service, you have come to the right place. Please complete the form below to provide us with more details about your requirements. We look forward to working with you to find the best solutions for your team.

Labour leasing involves the temporary assignment of qualified personnel to your company, whereas recruitment involves the permanent integration of candidates into your permanent workforce. Temporary staffing offers flexibility for short-term projects, while placement is aimed at long-term recruitment.

Labour leasing pros:

Labour leasing cons:

Flexibility: Quick adaptation to fluctuating workloads.

Temporary commitment: Employees may be on temporary assignment.

Time saving: Immediate availability of qualified specialists.

 Costs: In the long term, transfer costs can be higher.

Cost control: Payment only for time actually worked.

Less control: Limited direct influence on the staff hired.


Recruitment agency pros:

Recruitment agency cons:

Long-term cooperation: Direct integration of specialists into your own team.

Time-consuming: The recruitment process can take a long time.

Costs: Potentially lower costs compared to continuous leasing.

Higher investment: Potentially higher initial investment compared to leasing.

Direct control: Complete control over the recruitment process and the hiring procedure.

Immediate availability: Staffing gaps are potentially only covered after a month.

  • Flexible staffing levels: Adapt your team quickly to fluctuating workloads and project-based requirements.
  • Rapid response to bottlenecks: Manage unexpected staff shortages or short-term bottlenecks with immediate availability of qualified engineers.
  • Cost control: Reduce costs compared to traditional hiring by only paying for the time you actually need.
  • Diverse expertise: Access a wide range of expertise by using temporary engineers or technicians with different skillsets.
  • Long-term employment: Get to know employees during a temporary employment period and take them on as part of your permanent team if required.
  • Save time in recruiting: Avoid lengthy searches and benefit from the quick placement of qualified candidates

Labour leasing is common in various industries and is frequently used in the following sectors in particular:

  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Structural, civil and structural engineering
  • Automotive
  • Production and logistics
  • Medical technology
  • Electronics
  • Aerospace
  • Energy technology
  • IT

At Schulmeister, we place the highest value on the quality of the labour we provide. To ensure that you always receive highly qualified and reliable skilled labour, we implement the following safety measures and guarantees:

  • Comprehensive pre-selection: Through a strict selection process, we ensure that only candidates with the required qualifications and experience are forwarded.
  • Regular training courses: Our temporary employees take part in regular training courses to ensure that their skills and knowledge are always up to date. This includes both on-the-job training and external training. Good to know: If employees fit perfectly into the team but still lack certain skills, they need further training. In this case, we find solutions so that the costs for training hours do not have to be borne entirely by our customers. Our flexibility ensures optimum team integration and skills development.
  • Feedback and communication: We maintain a close and regular dialogue with our customers and project staff in order to stay up to date and provide support where necessary. Honest and clear communication from the outset lays the foundation for a successful long-term partnership in which both sides can fulfil their expectations.
  • Individual deferral periods: We offer flexible deferral periods, including the classic trial month with the option of cancellation at any time to the end of the month. In addition, we allow a deferral four weeks before the last day of the month.

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If you are looking for qualified specialists or are interested in our temporary staffing service, you have come to the right place. Please complete the form below to provide us with more details about your requirements. We look forward to working with you to find the best solutions for your team.

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