FAQs: Questions and answers about Schulmeister

On this page, we provide you with answers to the most common questions we receive from applicants or companies. Please contact us if you have questions that are not answered here.

Personalberaterin Yara Wurmes telefoniert mit Bewerber bei Schulmeister in Linz

Frequently asked questions from applicants.

At Schulmeister, you do not need a covering letter. We prefer to talk to you about your career goals. To stand out from the crowd and so that we can offer you the right jobs, an up-to-date CV is very important. However, you can also simply provide us with the data from your LinkedIn or XING profile using the profile link.


The CV should be submitted in one of the common formats (. pdf, . doc, . rtf).

No, the same applies here: The A&O is an up-to-date and complete CV. If further proof or certificates are required for the position, we will contact you.

After you have sent us your CV, we will get back to you with feedback within a week. If the requirements match, we will invite you for a first meeting (online or on-site). You can find more details about the process here.

The job doesn't fit your profile this time? Then maybe it will work next time, because with your consent we will get back to you with suitable job postings.

Many of our jobs are advertised covertly. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that the position may still be occupied, which is why we act discreetly and search "quietly". As an applicant, you will usually find out which company is behind the job advertisement during your first interview with us.

PS: Even by telephone we are not allowed to give more information than stated in the advertisement.

We usually receive a lot of applications, which is why there can be occasional delays. If you do not hear back after five days or have any questions about your application, please feel free to contact us and follow up. Please contact us at office@schulmeister-consulting.com

Positions that you find on our homepage are basically always open. In any case, send us your CV, because even if the process may be a bit more advanced, we can put you in play or offer you another suitable position if necessary.

First of all: We treat your personal data confidentially and in accordance with the statutory data protection regulations. Your data will never be passed on without prior agreement or without more detailed information about the client, i.e. your potential employer.

You can read details on the topic of "data protection" here.

No, Schulmeister services are always completely free of charge for applicants - from the first interview to career coaching and salary advice.

Yes, of course, simply upload your CV to apply and arrange an interview. As soon as we find a suitable position for you, we will contact you.

No, at Schulmeister we bring companies and applicants together and support them in their search for the "perfect match". If the recruitment is successful, you will be employed by our client, your future employer.

In our advertisements you will always find the relevant advisor. Please feel free to address your letter or e-mail directly to the contact person.

Important: Always use the suggested application form on our homepage. This will ensure that your application arrives correctly and is processed efficiently.

There are several ways to apply for a job with us.

  • Positions advertised: If you find one of our jobs on a job board (karriere.at, Stepstone) or on social media (Xing, LinkedIn), you can apply directly via the platform. In addition, you can also find each position on our homepage, where you can easily apply with one click.
  • Applicantions to no specific jobs are always welcome. You will find a form online where you can easily upload your information and documents. We will get back to you as soon as possible with an appointment for an initial interview or a suitable position.

SMART BUSINESS. What is appropriate and what is not varies from industry to industry and company to company. Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in and that also fit your future position.

Nothing at all. You have already sent us your CV or your professional profile (LinkedIn or XING). During the first interview, we would like to focus on getting to know each other.

It depends on the position and the company. Often, more detailed information on the scope of work, work location or remote office is given in the advertisements. If not, please contact us via live chat or send us your application.

We usually receive a lot of applications, which is why applications by phone are not possible. Always use the suggested application form on our homepage his way we can ensure that your application arrives correctly and that you get feedback from us quickly.

We publish our internal jobs on our job portal on the page "Career at Schulmeister".

We are already looking forward to getting to know you!

Here we are completely oriented towards you. The first meeting can therefore take place virtually or at one of our locations.

Frequently asked questions from companies looking for employees.

No, at Schulmeister we bring companies and applicants together and support them in their search for the "perfect match". Suitable candidates are then registered and hired by the companies themselves.

  1. It all starts with your enquiry.

  2. This is followed by a call in which we briefly coordinate and get to know each other.

  3. After we have been informed about your requirements and know what you are looking for, our consultants will send you an individual offer.

  4. Once we have your approval, we can get started: We will start looking for your "perfect match".

Find out more about the process here.

Our motto: quality over quantity. For us, the "profile fit" is in the foreground - both professionally and on a personal level. Often we quickly find applicants who fit your requirements, on other days they take a while.

However, we would definitely like to mention something in this context: Speed is currently more important than ever in recruiting. Therefore, it may happen that we send
individual profiles (instead of all of them). In this way, we adapt to the fast-moving market and ensure that no applicant slips through our fingers.

Besides, every search has its individual requirements and is not like any other.


Exclusive cooperation is a very important criterion for us. On the one hand, we can guarantee that the recruiting process runs as efficiently as possible. On the other hand, it helps us avoid duplicate approaches and confusion on the applicant side.

Contact us!

Recruiting is usually complex and time-consuming for companies - a task you can outsource with a clear conscience. We specialise in finance, technology, IT and real estate, have been active in the market for 20 years and know the processes. We accompany you on the way to your ideal candidate - and the candidates on their way into your company.