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Our 4 success factors in executive search

In today's highly competitive business world, finding staff is a growing challenge for companies - especially when it comes to management positions. This is where we come in. At Schulmeister, we've been successfully helping other companies fill high-level positions for more than two decades now. How do we do this? In this blog article, we look at the four key success factors that put us ahead of the game in executive search and also show you how you can benefit from our recipe for success.


What are the challenges when filling management positions?

In recent years, the "balance of power" between companies and applicants has changed dramatically. The battle for good jobs is almost completely a thing of the past; today it is the companies that compete with each other for capable employees. Finding competent specialists is becoming more and more of a challenge.  

When it comes to filling a management position, the level of difficulty increases even further. This is mainly due to these factors:  

  • Complexity of the positions: Leadership positions often require a variety of skills, including technical know-how, management skills and industry knowledge. Finding candidates who meet all of these requirements can be a challenge.  

  • Demand for specialists: In certain industries-such as finance-the demand for highly specialized executives is high. Finding candidates with the right expertise and leadership potential can be difficult.  

  • Competition for talent: The market for executives is highly competitive. Other companies are also looking for first-class managers, which increases the competition for the best talent.  

How can you get around these difficulties as a company? As a recruitment consultancy, we know. 

Our 4 success factors for filling top management positions

When working with Schulmeister, companies benefit from our recipe for success, which is based on the following factors: 

1. In-depth understanding of the industry as the foundation for success  

A key success factor is a deep understanding of the industry. Schulmeister's industry-specific focus is on finance and accounting, technology and real estate. This technical specialization of our consultants enables us to understand not only the technical requirements, but also the specific cultural aspects of individual industries. This is a particularly important factor when it comes to filling management positions.  

In this article, we have shown you how we use our industry focus to fill real estate positions.   

You can read all about our other specializations here:   


2. Effective network management: A key to successful executive search  

The second element that characterizes our track record is effective network management. Thanks to long-standing relationships with top experts in the fields of finance, real estate and technology, we can draw on an extensive network. This enables us not only to identify the best talent, but also to ensure a faster and more efficient selection of executives. 

"We greatly appreciate the good and professional cooperation with Schulmeister. Thanks to their support, we were able to successfully fill both expert and management positions. We would like to emphasize their understanding of the position to be filled during the clarification of the assignment, the accurate pre-selection and the professional presentation of candidates at a global level" 

Hannes Gruber, Head of HR Global Headquarters, Palfinger 

3. Understanding individual needs: Empathy as the key to matching success  

Understanding the needs of clients and candidates is a key success factor. At Schulmeister, we attach great importance to taking individual concerns into account through empathy and openness. This approach enables us to create not only professional matches, but also cultural and personal matches. Specific examples show how we have achieved an ideal match between company and executive through this individual support. 

"We now have five first-class employees in our team. Schulmeister has always provided us with excellent and competent support during the search process, recognized the requirements and our needs excellently and implemented them quickly. We are more than satisfied with our new employees and can therefore warmly recommend Schulmeister." 

Christiane Tusek, Vice Rector for Finance, JKU 


4. Transparent communication as the basis for trust  

Finally, we emphasize the importance of transparent communication throughout the recruitment process. Clients and candidates appreciate the openness and clarity we maintain in our communication. Success stories show how this transparent communication not only strengthens trust, but also the satisfaction of our clients and candidates, which in turn leads to successful placements. 

Conclusion: Expertise, network, empathy and communication are the keys to success

The search for managers requires a holistic understanding that goes beyond the mere fulfillment of qualifications. Schulmeister not only offers expertise and an extensive network, but is also characterized by empathy and transparent communication. By taking these success factors into account, we not only find the right manager, but also lay the foundations for long-term entrepreneurial success.  

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