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Recruiting without stress: Why HR consultancies are the solution for companies

In today's competitive business environment, finding qualified and talented employees can be a major challenge for companies. Finding the best candidates often requires a lot of time, resources and expertise. For this reason, you should outsource recruiting and count on the support of HR consultancies. We will show you 5 convincing reasons why you will not regret it.


Recruiting in 2023

The recruiting process has become increasingly difficult in recent years. The reasons for this range from a lack of qualified applicants, to the resulting competition between companies looking for personnel, to the increased requirements and wishes of applicants. Read more about Recruiting Trends 2023 here. 

For this reason, it makes sense to hand over the recruiting process to a personnel consultancy. HR consultants are experts in finding and recruiting employees and take the burden of modern recruiting off your shoulders. 

But what exactly does this support of personnel consultants look like? What can we do that makes us experts in our field? We have summarized 5 reasons for you. 

5 reasons why you should count on personnel consultants

1. Our access to a broad talent pool 

Our access to candidates is not only based on the advertisement we place for you. We don't sit back and wait for suitable candidates after the ad has been placed - quite the opposite. At Schulmeister, we take the search into our own hands and proactively approach suitable candidates. We sound out potential matches for you on social media and rely on direct approaches. In this way, we also reach people who are not currently looking for a job and would never have actively applied to an advertisement. 

One of our best sources is our database. This comprises almost 200,000 profiles and consists of those candidates with whom we have already had contact in the past, whether through an application, a direct approach on our part or through a general consultation. We maintain ongoing contact with these potential job seekers. This gives us the opportunity to actively approach the perfect candidate for you and thus bring him/her into play for the application process.

2. Time and cost efficiency 

Recruiting requires a lot of time and resources. The effort that goes into finding the right person to fill a position is huge and has to be done on top of the daily business. This is where we come in. For personnel consultancies, recruiting IS daily business. We are experts in finding personnel, do our job efficiently and thus help you save your time resources. We take care of the creation of job advertisements, make the first contact with applicants, conduct the initial interviews and advise you on decisions. Due to this enormous time saving, companies and their employees can concentrate on their daily tasks and confidently outsource the search for new colleagues to personnel consultancies. 

3. Expert knowledge and industry knowledge 

Not every company looking for an accountant knows exactly what an accountant needs to be able to do - let alone how to recognize a good accountant. The good news: we know. Because of our clear specialization in finance and accounting, we are able to accurately assess whether or not an applicant is suited for a particular job. Our expertise also helps us to understand our clients' needs and requirements precisely and to fill your position in the best possible way.

>> Watch full video of Josef Faber telling about his experience with Schulmeister (german) 


4. Confidentiality and discretion 

Personnel consultants can guarantee a higher level of confidentiality and discretion in the search for employees than companies that conduct the search themselves. This is especially important when filling management positions or positions that are still occupied by another person at the time of the search. We post the advertisement covertly, and provide more detailed information about the company only to potential candidates. If the search is particularly sensitive, a confidentiality agreement can also be signed by the candidates who come for the initial interview.

5. Interim solutions 

You need personnel support only temporarily? No problem! We are happy to help you by finding a competent employee who would like to work on an independent basis and for a limited period of time. Through our broad talent pool, we already have many contacts with candidates who are available on an interim basis. Read more about interim managers and why it is worth working with them in this article ->Click here to read the article. 

Conclusion: You are looking for personnel, we will find it for you.

Schulmeister Recruiting Personalvermittlung Personalberater in Anzug lächelnd Martin Groß

We support you in your search for the perfect match

These 5 reasons - our contact network, time and effort savings, expertise, confidentiality and interim solutions - set us apart and illustrate why it pays to rely on personnel consultancies. More precisely, to rely on Schulmeister 😉 

Are you currently looking for personnel? Then get in touch with us today - we look forward to supporting you in your staff search!



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