The 5 critical recruiting trends for 2023

People's motivations for why they work and what job they choose have changed drastically in recent years. Work was once viewed as merely a chore to make a living. But in 2023, the mindset has fundamentally changed. In this article, we'll look at the new mindset in the candidate market and show you the impact this will have on recruiting in 2023 by looking at 5 current trends.


Trend 1: "New Work"

"New Work" is a movement that has revolutionized the way we work. It revolves around making the work environment more flexible and human-centered to achieve a better work-life balance and greater job satisfaction. In 2023, "New Work" will become even more important. Here are some of the trends to expect:

  • Flexible work locations: Since the Corona pandemic, the option for home offices has spread like wildfire across all job postings. Employees want the option to avoid commuting to work at least 1-2 days per week. Employers who don't offer this are seen as inflexible and outdated, and run the risk of being left behind by competitors in the candidate internal market.
  • Adaptable working hours: Alongside the home office, this is the decisive factor for "new work" and a good work-life balance. Employees can arrange their own working hours in order to work more efficiently. This is particularly helpful for young parents in order to better organize childcare. But flexible working hours also allow late risers and early birds to work when they are most productive.
  • The 4-day week: The model of 5 working days and 2 days off can no longer be easily maintained given the growing importance of work-life balance. More and more companies are opting for the 4:3 ratio - that is, 4 days of work and 3 days off. Studies have shown that this does not affect the productivity and performance of employees, as this article from also shows

Trend 2: Employer branding

"Employer branding" means that companies need to build a brand that positions them as an attractive employer for potential employees. In 2023, employer branding will be even more important than ever before, as the world of work has changed significantly and it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract and retain talented people. As a result, more and more aspects of the "New Work" movement will be incorporated into job offers, and companies can no longer afford to make mistakes in the application process.

A strong employer brand not only helps to attract new talent, but also strengthens the loyalty of existing employees. If employees are proud of their company and feel they are in good hands, they are more likely to stay with the company longer and contribute more. The corporate culture and values and how they are communicated externally and internally are therefore becoming increasingly important.

Just how relevant employer branding is today is also illustrated by the fact that companies hire employees specifically for the task of employer branding - in the past, this would have been unthinkable.

Trend 3: Integration of artificial intelligence

In 2023, artificial intelligence (AI) will increasingly be part of the recruiting process as it speeds up the processing of applications and facilitates the search for suitable candidates. AI systems can also help promote diversity in corporate applicant pools by avoiding bias and discrimination.

Side Fact: On the applicant side, technological capabilities are also growing and AI is being used as a tool in the application process, e.g. when writing the cover letter or creating the CV.

Trend 4: Social recruiting

In recent years, social media has become an important recruiting tool. Employers use it to reach potential applicants and strengthen their employer brand. Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have a wide reach and the option to target specific groups. By posting jobs, employer stories, and employee reviews, applicants inside can get a comprehensive picture of a company and decide if it is a good fit for them. In 2023, the importance of using social media in recruiting will continue to grow, and companies should strengthen and optimize their presence on relevant platforms to successfully attract talent. Communication with potential candidates can also take place via social media, which speeds up the recruiting process and allows companies to quickly connect with promising candidates. By using these modern communication channels, companies can expand their reach and increase their attractiveness as an employer.


Trend 5: The search for meaning

The question of the meaning of what one does every day has become increasingly present, especially in connection with the "New Work" movement. Applicants today analyze the very company they are interested in, as well as its culture and values - it is no longer just the other way around. Hard factors like salary or status are no longer enough. In 2023, applicants also want soft factors such as a sense of purpose, enjoyment of the job, team building and a good work-life balance. In short, applicants want to find happiness in their jobs.


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Recruiting 2023 - future-proof & innovative

Recruiting in 2023 presents a variety of challenges for companies to consider in order to keep up with the competition. However, the 5 trends also provide companies with a valuable opportunity to differentiate themselves from other employers, provided they are used correctly.

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