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Stronger together: 8 tips for successful collaboration with recruitment agencies

At a time when competition for talent is more intense than ever, the recruiting process can become a real challenge. For this reason, more and more companies are choosing to engage a recruitment consultancy to find qualified candidates. Still skeptical about outsourcing your internal search? In our article, we'll show you through eight helpful tips how working with recruitment agencies can be a real success.


Why should companies hire a recruitment consultancy?

There are many reasons why companies decide to outsource their recruitment to another company. It may be that they do not have the resources internally to conduct a search from start to finish, or that the lack of qualified candidates is pushing the company to its limits. It may also be the case that companies want to rely on the expert knowledge and industry expertise of a specialized recruitment agency. Read more about why recruitment agencies are the solution for companies in this article. 

If you have decided to entrust your personnel search to a consultancy, you are faced with a supposed problem: As effective and goal-oriented as the cooperation with a recruitment agency may be, there is now a third party between the company and the applicant. In order to ensure that the cooperation with the personnel consulting firm runs smoothly and that a perfect match is made between you and the new employee, we have summarized 8 tips for you.

8 tips for successful cooperation with recruiters

To achieve the best outcome together with recruiters, it is advisable to act according to the following strategies. Here are our eight tips: 

1. Be aware of what you want 

The goal of a recruitment consultancy is to find the ideal employee for your open position in order to create long-term satisfaction on the company side as well as on the candidate side. For this to succeed, it is necessary that you define your needs and requirements internally in detail. Consider what skills and qualifications the ideal candidate should have and what areas of responsibility await him or her. The clearer your ideas are, the easier it will be for the recruitment agency to find the right candidate for you. 

2. Choose the right recruitment consultancy 

There are many recruiters on the market, but not all of them have the same specialization. Research thoroughly and choose a recruitment agency that specializes in your industry or field - such as us in finance and accounting 😉 Working with a specialized recruitment agency increases the likelihood of finding candidates that match your requirements. 

At Schulmeister, we are experts in finance and accounting, real estate and IT & technology. Benefit from our expertise and industry knowledge. Learn more about our specializations. 

Are you unsure which recruitment agency you want to hire? We can help you decide -> Click here for the article

3. Open communication and active feedback 

Open and transparent communication is key to successful collaboration with recruiters. Clearly communicate your expectations and requirements and provide regular feedback to your consultancy on the proposed candidates. If a candidate does not meet your expectations, let the recruiter know and explain why. This will allow the recruiter to adjust the search profile and present more suitable candidates. 

4. Be transparent about the corporate culture 

In order to find the right candidate not only on a professional but also on a personal level, it is essential to give your recruiter a transparent impression of your corporate culture. So tell him openly what values you stand for and what the climate and working conditions are like in your company. 

Markus Bodner about working with Schulmeister

5. Trust your recruitment agency 

Your staffing agency has expertise and experience in selecting talent. Trust its judgment and give it the space to do its job. Micromanagement can hinder the process and lead to frustration.

>> Watch full video of Markus Bodner telling about his experience with Schulmeister (german) 


6. Build a long-term relationship 

A successful relationship with a staffing agency should not be limited to a one-time affair. A long-term relationship can save you time and resources in the future as the placement becomes more knowledgeable about your preferences and requirements. 

7. Be patient - good things sometimes take time 

Finding the perfect employee can sometimes take longer than expected. Have patience and realistic expectations of the process and give your placement agent the time to make a careful selection of applicants. 

Our motto at Schulmeister: Quality over quantity. 

8. Feedback after completion 

After completing the recruitment process, it is advisable to have a final meeting with your recruiter. Share your experience and feedback so that both you and the recruiter can learn from the collaboration. 

Successful recruiting with Schulmeister

Schulmeister Recruiting Personalvermittlung Personalberater in Anzug Robert Svetez

At Schulmeister, we place a high value on a respectful, transparent and efficient recruiting process. Should you decide to entrust us with your personnel search, we will talk in detail about your wishes & requirements for the future employee. And during the search and selection process, we keep you constantly informed and incorporate your feedback. Our goal is to find the perfect match to create long-term and successful collaborations. 

Are you currently looking for personnel and still need support? Then contact us today - we look forward to taking over your recruitment process! 


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