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Finding your dream job without stress: How recruiters support applicants

There are many reasons you might be thinking about a new job. Do you want a higher salary? Do you want a better work culture? Or are you simply looking for a new career challenge for yourself? Whatever the reason, changing jobs can be an exciting and challenging time - but also a very stressful one. That's why you should count on the support of recruiters. In this article, we'll show you the top 5 reasons why it's worth it.


What does a recruiter actually do?

Recruiters support companies in finding suitable employees for their open positions. They oversee the operational recruiting process and provide advice to corporate clients. This does not mean, however, that personnel consultants are the lawyers of the companies - on the contrary! A good personnel consultancy also provides support in the other direction, i.e. personnel consultants are also of great benefit to job seekers. They accompany you on your way to a new professional challenge and help you to find your dream job.


5 reasons why you should turn to personnel consultants

We at Schulmeister are always happy to support you on your career path. But what exactly does the help of personnel consultants look like? How do we enrich your search for a new job? 

1. Finding job opportunities: Recruiters often have access to positions that cannot be found on public job portals - for example, if the client wants a hidden recruitment. These hidden positions can be invaluable to job seekers, as they mean less competition and often offer better salaries and working conditions. Plus, four eyes see more than two. That's why our recruiters:in also help you by proactively exposing you to openly advertised positions that you might not have noticed yourself.

2. Writing an application: Recruiters know exactly what an appealing application looks like and how to make your documents stand out to potential employers. Therefore, we can help you with the structure and composition of your CV, advise you on an appropriate photo and show you which certificates are relevant for your desired job - and which are not. We can also advise you on the dos and don'ts of your social media profiles and how to make yourself attractive to recruiters.

3. Preparing for interviews: A job interview is a nerve-wracking situation for many job seekers. Recruiters can ease your nervousness by helping you prepare for the interview. They can help you prepare for the interview by going through typical questions and answers or by giving you valuable tips on how to best present yourself.

4. Decision making: Recruiters are there to make the perfect match between client and candidate - on both sides. So we help you make the best decision for you. We do this by informing you about the most important facts about your potential new employer:

  • What are your development opportunities at this company?
  • What is the company climate like? Is the team familiar?
  • Does the salary offered correspond to your market value?

Of course, we also want to find the perfect solution for our customer - but a distorted presentation of the company is neither useful for you nor for the customer. We are committed to create long-lasting and successful collaborations and therefore advise you with the goal of bringing you to the decision that makes you happiest.

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5. Tips & Tricks: Recruiters are not only there to help you when you are planning a job change. We also offer general career counseling sessions that give you an orientation and an assessment of your career opportunities. In our online magazine, we also regularly provide you with helpful hacks for your career - whether it's tips for salary negotiations or whether you should change jobs. If you're still at the beginning of your career, check out this article about your options after graduating from HAK.

Our conclusion: Together we can do it!

We accompany you on your way to your dream job

These 5 reasons - finding job offers, writing applications, preparing interviews, help with decision-making and tips & tricks - are just the sum of the many small details with which our personnel consultants enrich your job search.

Have we convinced you? Then send us your CV today or make an appointment for a general consultation. We look forward to accompanying you on your career ladder!



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