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The art of the first impression: Dos and Don'ts in job interviews

You made it and received an invitation to a job interview? Congratulations! This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself in person and showcase your skills. To help you appear confident and convincing at this important appointment, we have summarized the most important Dos and Don'ts for you in our article.


Before the interview: Leave nothing to chance

A successful job interview requires thorough preparation. You should leave nothing to chance and prepare for the content of the conversation as well as for everything else (arrival on time, clothing, etc.). Here are the Dos and Don'ts that will help you to start the conversation confidently and well


  1. Thorough research: Find out in detail about the company, its products, services and corporate culture. A thorough knowledge of the company shows your interest and motivation. 
  2. Practice makes perfect: There are certain questions that are asked in most job interviews, such as "Tell us something about yourself" or "Why do you want to work at our company?” Prepare for typical questions and practice your answers. Make sure your wording is clear and precise so that you can express yourself confidently in the interview. This article from shows you how to deal with particularly nasty questions. 
  3.  Prepare your questions: Prepare questions that you want to ask the employer. Questions about the job's tasks, the team or the company's vision show your interest and initiative. 


  1. Inappropriate clothing: There is no one right outfit for all job interviews. Depending on the job you're applying for and the company you're interested in, appropriate attire can vary. In young start-ups, it doesn't always have to be a suit or a business dress. As a general rule, however, you should at least not show up for the interview in shorts, ripped jeans or flip-flops. You can read more about fashion mistakes in job interviews in this article from -> Click here for the article. 
  2. Insufficient preparation: Nothing makes a worse impression than a lack of knowledge about the company or the advertised position. Being unprepared signals a lack of interest and commitment. 
  3. Unpunctuality: Punctuality is known to be a virtue - and this is especially true for job interviews. Arriving late for your interview will negatively impact the first impression you leave with your potential employer. It will look like you're unreliable, can't keep appointments, and aren't very interested in the job. So plan your arrival well in advance to avoid unforeseen delays.  

If you still can't make it to the appointment on time, you should definitely call the company and apologize for the delay.

During the interview: Be confident but keep your feet on the ground

The job interview is in full swing and now it is important to make a positive impression. You have to pay attention to this: 


  1. Clear communication: Use clear and understandable language. Proverb at an appropriate pace and avoid colloquial expressions. 
  2. Positive body language: Show confidence by standing upright and making eye contact. A friendly smile signals openness and sympathy. 
  3. Emphasize your strengths: Take the opportunity to highlight your strengths and past successes. Reports on projects you have successfully completed and how you have overcome obstacles.


  1. Badmouthing former employers: You're coming to the interview because you want to change employers - and possibly for good reason. But no matter how much negativity you have to say about your current employer (or even former jobs), you should never do it in job interviews. Not only does it create a bad mood and an impression of you as a negative person, but it also casts doubt on your loyalty and discretion.
  2. Insincerity or lying: Never try to be insincere or even lie in the interview to make yourself look better. Employers can often detect dishonesty and this can lead to immediate disqualification. Instead, be honest about your skills, experience and strengths. If you don't know something or haven't done something before, show yourself open to learning opportunities.
  3. Excessive talking or monologuing: It's important to be precise and to the point in your interview. Avoid getting into endless monologues or digressing from the topic at hand. A structured and clear communication style shows that you can organize your thoughts well and communicate effectively.



After the interview: Stay patient

The interview is over, but the opportunity to make a lasting impression doesn't end there. Here are some tips for after the interview: 


  1. Express gratitude: Thank them for the opportunity to introduce you in person. A short thank you email or note shows your appreciation and professionalism. 
  2. Be patient: After the interview, it may take some time for you to hear back. Be patient and show interest by asking nicely about the status of the decision after a reasonable amount of time (about 2 weeks). 

Tip: Use the waiting period to thoroughly reflect on the interview for yourself and think about whether you really want the job. During this time, continue to look around for exciting jobs and send out applications.


  1. Pushy inquiries: Avoid asking too frequently about the status of your application at short intervals. Being too pushy could be perceived as inappropriate. 
  2. Getting demotivated: If you receive a rejection, don't get discouraged. Use the feedback as an opportunity to develop yourself and stay positive in your job search. 

Our conclusion: Be prepared, be authentic, get the job

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In job interviews you convince through good preparation and professional appearance

A successful job interview requires careful preparation and an authentic appearance. With the right approach, you can significantly improve your chances of landing your dream job. And if it doesn't work out, it's good practice for the next time. We wish you good luck for your upcoming job interview! 

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