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Building a strong corporate culture with "Passion for People"

In a world that is constantly changing, it is more important than ever that companies have a clear identity. This purpose should not only be on paper, but also lived out in daily practice. Corporate values are an important part of this and can help to create a strong working environment in which employees and applicants feel comfortable and enjoy working. In this blog article we will take a look at corporate values: About their benefits, about the consequences if the company culture falls by the wayside and finally about how we live our values.


Corporate values: More than just marketing blah-blah

In today's world, it is more important than ever that companies pursue more than just their financial purpose. Employees and customers are looking for a deeper meaning and connection to a company's values and goals. A strong sense of belonging and a clear purpose not only creates satisfaction and loyalty among employees, but also leads to better business results.

For example, they can motivate employees to work harder and longer and to identify more strongly with the company. They can also help employees support and inspire each other, which can lead to a better working atmosphere and higher efficiency.

Strong company culture. Strong brand. Distinct and lived values can also help a company to stand out from its competitors and become more attractive for customers, investors and potential employees.

Dangerous consequences: What happens when corporate values fall by the wayside?

Unfortunately, there are also companies that do not value their corporate values and do not pay attention to their corporate culture. Here are four practical examples of how this can have negative consequences:

  1. Employee satisfaction and retention: A lack of clear company values and a weak company culture can lead to employees being dissatisfied and leaving the company. A strong culture and clear values, on the other hand, can help employees feel engaged and committed.
  2. Recruitment and talent attraction: Without clear corporate values and a strong company culture, it can be difficult to attract and recruit suitable candidates. A strong corporate culture and clear values, on the other hand, make the company perceived as an attractive employer.
  3. Brand image and reputation: Another consequence is a poor image and negative public perception of the company.
  4. Company performance: A worst-case scenario: The company is not functioning optimally and is therefore not as successful as it could be.

* Graphic: Glassdoor Study from 06/2022 (Link)

The Schoolmaster Principles

As a recruitment agency, we work exclusively with people - whether with our clients, our applicants or our colleagues. Therefore, we have also established four clear core values. These values shape our daily actions and support us in being successful and sustainable in the personnel sector.


  1. Passion for People
  2. Expertise
  3. Pioneering Spirit
  4. Collaboration


❤️ Our Bread and Butter: Passion for People

Our passion for dealing with people is at the heart of our work. We understand that every person is unique and therefore has individual needs: Work-life balance, financial motivators, flexibility, stability and fit with leadership are just a few. That's why we place great importance on finding a good - if not perfect - match between the candidate and the potential employer. This way we can ensure that both sides start a long-term cooperation that makes them happy.

🎓 The basis for our success: Expertise

We have extensive experience and expertise in the field of human resources and use this on a daily basis to provide the best possible support to our clients and applicants. From the first consultation to the placement, we offer an expert and professional service.

All right. But what makes us different from other recruitment agencies? We also have the relevant expertise. This means that our consultants are not only well versed in personnel agendas, but also bring the respective professional expertise from their studies and their previous jobs. Therefore, we know exactly what our clients' requirements are, are familiar with the relevant candidate profiles and understand exactly what falls within which area of responsibility. In doing so, we always make sure that the candidates are a perfect fit for the professional area of responsibility, but also for the corporate culture.

💡 Always up to date: Pioneering Spirit

We are always looking for new and innovative solutions to better support our clients and candidates. We break new ground and think out-of-the-box to always be one step ahead and stand out from the rest.

Innovative and creative ideas always find favour within Schulmeister and are also actively promoted. We also use modern technologies and tools that are individually tailored to our needs in order to offer efficient and up-to-date advice.

🤝 Together we can do everything: Collaboration

We work closely with our clients and candidates to achieve the best possible results together. By working together effectively, we can ensure that we optimally meet the needs and goals of our clients and candidates. This guarantees a positive and successful collaboration that benefits all parties involved.

Within the team, too, we write the word "cooperation" in capital letters: we do not have an "elbow mentality". We use the synergies that arise within our project team and support each other - even across locations.

Another example of the implementation of our value "Collaboration" is our annual advisors' meeting. Once a year, we take time to learn, share best practices and exchange ideas. Of course, free time and a fun social programme are never missing.

Conclusion: Creating a sense of belonging with corporate values

personnell consultant happy black and white

Corporate values:
More than just

In summary, corporate values are an important factor for success and satisfaction in the work environment. Without clear values and a good corporate culture, problems such as lack of motivation and loyalty can arise. It is therefore worthwhile to invest time and resources in establishing and implementing corporate values. As a recruitment agency, we place particular emphasis on the values of "Passion for People", "Expertise", "Pioneering Spirit" and "Collaboration", which we put into practice every day in our work. We recommend that every company also deal with these topics and define its own, appropriate values.

Do you share similar principles? Then take a look at our vacancies or simply send us your CV. We look forward to getting to know you!