Our specialisation is your advantage

Take advantage of our know-how

Whether you are a recent graduate or already in a managerial position: Use our market overview and expertise as a basis for your decision making when taking on a new professional challenge. Stay up to date on the current vacancies in mechanical, plant, electrotechnical engineering, construction, software and IT. We offer a range of career opportunities in companies of different sizes and industries with interesting development options.

Your career in small and medium sized industrial companies

Direct communication, unbureaucratic working style, a culture of trust and room for your own ideas: These are some of the advantages that working in SMEs provide. Deciding on the organizational structure and the size of the future employer is as equally important as the area of responsibility for many engineers. Schulmeister Technology & IT has multiple SMEs as clients in mechanical, electro technical and construction, as well as IT and project management. Take advantage of our network to advance your career in the mid-sized industry.

Your career in international groups

A large variety of occupational areas, multiple ways of developing your career, international assignments, interdisciplinary projects, international working environment: Strong arguments for many engineers to enhance a career in a large corporation. Since the personal match to the organizational structure and culture is highly relevant when applying for a job in a corporation, we provide you with this information and all relevant aspects during the interview or career talk. Use our objective assessement of the positions to advance your professional development.

Your career in software development

Software development will shape our future way of life and experts in IT will be more relevant than ever. As an IT professional, you face a never ending list of jobs which makes decision making a challenging process. With our expertiste in IT and software development we are happy to support you in your career planning and present you positions that match your preferences und expectations.