Industry-specific consutling

Our approach

Working with Schulmeister Technology & IT means being supported by consultants who bring in industry-expertise, a personal network to potential job holders, companies and universities. This allows us to maintain a good overview of potential candidates.

Discrete and direct contact

We base our recruiting strategy on multiple approaches in order to find the right people for your business: One such example is contacting potential job holders directly. This allows us to influence the quality and quantity of applications and to reach out to candidates who are not actively looking for a new job – usually the best are not freely available on the market. This is imperative in order to get in contact with experts with a very specific skill set or candidates with leadership experience where the number of suitable candidates is limited. Knowing where to find this target group is an essential prerequisite which we fulfil thanks to our specialization and experience in the fields of technology and IT.

Our solid candidate database

Over the last years we have been able to build up a solid pool of key employees with specialist skill sets in different areas of engineering, software and IT. Since we stay in regular contact with our candidates and know their preferences and strengths very well, we can reach out quickly in order to present suitable positions.

Since an extensive database without accurate or outdated data is no advantage, we invest a lot of effort in keeping our candidates’ profiles up-to date. Thus, the possibility to identify and quickly assess interesting candidates and a constantly growing database of experts and specialists, allows us to fill even highly specialised vacancies successfully.

Personal profile analysis and audits – we find the perfect match

At the heart of our business are personalities with their characteristics, skill sets, expectations and motivations. Providing you with a holistic assessment of the candidates is the basis for making the right personnel decision for your firm. Therefore, we base our recruitment not only on a structured interview but also a personal profile analysis according to the DISC model.

We use this tool in our selection process, for analyzing the potential of candidates, management audits and in the career advisory interviews, as it enables us to assess a person’s key behaviours, motivators, needs and style of working.