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Innovative personnel management - Why is labour leasing in the engineering sector so special?

Traditional personnel leasing is already a proven model on the labour market, offering companies flexibility and access to specialised expertise. The increasing complexity of projects in sectors such as mechanical and plant engineering, the automotive industry and electronics makes employee leasing an innovative solution in personnel management. However, personnel leasing in the engineering sector is associated with some special features. In this blog article, we explain what these special features are and why labour leasing is so relevant in the engineering sector in particular.


What specialities does the engineering service entail?

The speciality here is the handling of employment. All personnel management issues are handled by the service provider. This ranges from flexitime agreements to labour law agendas. The advantage for the company is that only the hours actually worked are invoiced - vacation, illness, idle time, etc. are therefore the risk of the personnel service provider.

Billing between the hirer and the company is based on a previously agreed factor, which is based on the monthly gross salary of the hired worker. All aspects of non-attendance times (vacation, sick leave, etc.) are already taken into account in the calculation. Non-wage labour costs are also included in the calculation.

In which industries is personnel leasing common?

Labour leasing is particularly common in industries where specific specialist knowledge is required. For example, in mechanical and plant engineering, the automotive industry, electronics, aerospace, the pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industries and the energy sector.

Specific positions that are often filled through personnel leasing are specialised positions such as automation technicians in PLC automation and process control technology, EMSR technicians or mechanical engineers.

Why is personnel leasing so relevant in these high-tech sectors in particular?

The answer lies in the difficulty of finding qualified specialists. The shortage of skilled workers is particularly pronounced in these sectors. By resorting to employee leasing, companies can specifically recruit the skills they need - with the option of taking them on later. This offers the advantage of an extended probationary period, which is beneficial for both the company and the specialist. The company is able to assess the suitability and performance of the specialist in practice, while the employee can get to know the corporate culture and working conditions before deciding on a permanent position. Both sides can therefore find out during the temporary employment period whether a collaboration works well.


What industry trends can currently be observed and what does the future of personnel leasing look like?

Current trends in the personnel leasing sector show that the issue of taking on leased personnel is becoming increasingly prevalent. The extended probationary period offers advantages for both parties and the personnel service provider acts as a “helping hand”, advising on labour law issues, for example. In the event of a project delay or change, the personnel service provider provides support in finding a suitable solution for both parties.

As far as the future is concerned, staff leasing is becoming increasingly relevant due to the ongoing shortage of skilled workers and the increasing volatility of projects. It not only offers flexibility in personnel cost planning and access to specialist expertise, but also additional services such as consulting and background security.

Our conclusion

Personnel leasing in the engineering sector is about far more than just finding an emergency solution for short-term personnel requirements. It is a strategic decision that gives companies flexibility, access to expertise and effective risk distribution. As such, staff leasing is at the heart of a dynamic, forward-thinking HR strategy that meets the demands of a fast-paced and technologically advanced industry.

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